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Jul 17, 2011 10:00pm EDT
president obama say he is & hoopful that something big will be done soonnon a deal that would increase the &pnation'ssborrrwing limit. lawmakerr want to use the debt ceiling countdown as an term deficits. but negotiators 3 reach aa agreeeent or he - government will be foreced to defauut..- &p3 conflicting information tonight, n theehealth of former egyptian prrsiient hosnn mubarak. mubarak. a lawyer for the 83-year-old mubarak said -3 earlierrthat e had suffered a stroke and was in ccma. 3 medical team denies this- - saying he only suufered from loo bbood pressure and waas 3 been under arrest and inn since he was oussed from -3 office in april. he faccs ccarres offoffice in aprrl. he faces charges of ordering the 3 the egyptian reeolt. 3 &pp3 some caaadian troops are & their combat mission in hundred soldiees are leaving - todayy.. they are partt canadian ssldiers going home panadian solders died in afghanistan since combat began ii 2002. 3 33 in jjruselum... evacations 3 are harr at work .... ttying 3
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1